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Thursday, 30 August 2012

WRITER'S DREAM; Piggy-Backer Update

You may remember the post I wrote some weeks ago regarding the problem of Piggy-Backing in the publishing industry;  this is when an unpublished writer tries to use a successful author's name, style of writing or emulate a bestselling book to try and get themselves into print.  It is extremely frowned upon within the profession.

I have had some experience of this myself;  an inexperienced writer has frequently used my name to try and get published. It might be an innocent mistake or simple ignorance of the profession;  it might even be sour grapes caused by jealousy but as it has shown no sign of abating,  I have been left with no choice but to address the issue.

So today I wrote a plain speaking email to all of my editors and music producers, naming the piggy-backer and informing them that I do not endorse her work, nor am I in collaboration with her.  My entire professional circle of editorial colleagues are now in the picture of what is going on, so they will be ready for any future attempts at piggy-backing from this person.  At the same time, this polite memo protects my own professional standing which I have worked many years to achieve; my editors are now aware that I have never encouraged such behavior and that if such submissions continue, it is not and never has been, by my endorsement.   I will protect my professional standing against anyone who attempts to make use of my name.

A new writer will only get published when they have an idea that is worth publishing; not because they might have brushed shoulders with a successful author.  There are no short cuts.

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