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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Beautiful Darkness

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Beautiful Darkness how I adore you.  It is with great joy that I welcome you back each year as your shadow descends in velvet folds, cloaking the earth in deepest blackberry tones.  I look forward to your arrival throughout the bright summer season; I could never live in a land without seasons, where each day is filled with sunshine, without weather patterns that constantly surprise.  I would wilt away to nothing. I prefer the freshness of a sharp autumn shower, the icy blast of a winter frost. 

As August prepares to close and move on for another year, she leaves sultry warmth behind. The nights are drawing in and Darkness has become my close friend once more, wrapping me in the mantle of damp evening mists, drawing me out as he draws in closer, like a lover to my lonesome dreams.  I tell him all my secrets, confiding to the night breeze as I swing in the hammock and watch as twilight becomes night. He is my own Dark Knight and I am romanced by his sweet song of eventide.

The air is soft and mellow, warm in my lungs as I breathe. The trees carry the edge of gold to their leaves and there is the first tang of autumn in the air.  The moon glows amber in a star filled sky - it is a night of wishes and dreams, waiting to unfold as my spell-song sings out into the atmosphere to do my bidding and the Darkness colludes with me, amplifying my powers.  A different kind of magic is waiting in the wings of the Seasons as they turn and turn about, continuing their eternal dance. Gentle Summer holds on with a tenuous grip, preparing to let go and fall into her restful repose.  The Holly King of autumn and winter will take her place, casting his spell across his domain with the Darkness as his herald, proclaiming his absolute power.  These are some of he finest nights of the year; warm enough to enjoy the new sense of enchantment and mystery which holds sway in the silver shadows. There is still the promise of a golden age to come as Autumn begins to fall. 

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