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"FUIMUS - We Have Been!" motto of Clan Bruce

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Friday, 24 August 2012


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Lost In Books

There's a room at my Grandma's
Up a dark and winding stair
Lined with shelves and rows of books
And by the fire, a cosy chair

It is a very special room -
It's my favourite place to be
Gran says it's the gateway
To any place you want to see...

For each book is a ticket
To a place that's far away
So I can feel the sun shine
On a wet and windy day.

Whenever we're at Grandma's
I climb the winding stair
And taking down a magic book
I curl up in the chair

The fire crackles merrily
As the wind begins to wail
But the pages whisper to me
And tell me their own tale...

I have sailed the high seas
And seen witches cast their spells
I have been to where the faeries live
Within the Enchanted Dell

Sometimes there are monsters
And it's hard to turn the page
Sometimes there are ghosts and ghouls
Rattling their chains in rage

There was once a wicked vampire
He leapt right out at me!
He followed in my shadow
Though no-one else could see

I didn't want to go to bed
And could never slumber deep
For I knew the naughty creature
Was waiting for me in sleep

Next time we went to Granny’s
I opened up his book
I ordered him back to his page -
And slammed the covers shut!

After that I took more care
And read the fairy tales
There I flew with seven swans
And rode upon a snail!

I wandered through the Looking Glass
Pricked my finger on a spindle
Then I found myself in Narnia
And saw the White Queen's powers dwindle

I have been to Treasure Island
I've let down my golden hair
And I’ve heard the magic mirror say
That Snow White is so fair

I watched Davy Balfour Kidnapped
But through all his adventures there...
I was safe and sound in Grandma's room
At the top of the winding stair.

By Marie Bruce

I wrote this poem years ago and when I discovered the picture above it immediately came to my mind.  I think the picture and the poem complement one another beautifully, summing up the joy and escape  to be found when one is lost in books. 

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