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"FUIMUS - We Have Been!" motto of Clan Bruce

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Friday, 29 August 2014

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Autumn in the Highlands

Watch out for me boys...I'm coming back!

It seems as if the brief summer is now over as there is a chill in the air and the distinct feel of autumn approaching.   The nights are drawing in earlier and it's now dark for 9 pm.  It is the time of year to think about making the house cosy with rugs, throws and faux furs to snuggle into;  to turn towards comforting dishes of lasagna and Shepard's pie, baked potatoes, and apple and blackberry crumble, drenched in custard.  I've taken to lighting candles in the evenings again and I've put away my summer oils, replacing them with autumnal fragrances for my oil burner instead.

As the seasons start to shift my thoughts are turning back to Scotland.  Last year I went to Oban, a place I'd never visited before. I had a great time, made friends with a lone piper, and walked by the sea everyday.

This year I will be returning to my old haunt of Strathpeffer.  I've taken the advice of the hotel manager there and decided to go a little later in the autumn than I usually do, so I can enjoy the golden colours of the Highlands. It will be the height of the rutting season, so I'm hoping to see some wild stags - I usually do see stags in Strathpeffer, but the rut might mean that they are too busy scrapping in the glen to come and see me, so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. I'm looking forward to being in Scotland again...my soul sings when I am in the Highlands and I feel the magic of the place reaching out to me with every step...
It won't be long now...just a few weeks to wait.

In the meantime I plan to enjoy the return of the darker nights with spicy scented candles, cable knit slipper socks, chai tea latte, dark chocolate covered ginger biscuits and a pile of  Country Living and Country Homes autumnal back issue magazines, to get me into the spirit of the new season.  It's time to still the soul with a bit of self-nurturing and the fine art of staying in.