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Monday, 27 August 2012

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Caged Heart; A Fairytale

Picture from;  kirstenstar.deviantart.com

My heart has awoken. 
 I can hear her Nightingale whispers in the night as the she sings to me of liberty. 
 Romantic palpitations allow me to feel her as she flutters around, beating her wings against the bars of my rib-cage.
 I cradle my hands against my chest, delighted to know that she is still there, safe within.  
She makes me smile. She makes me happy.
 Her resilience knows no bounds.

She is singing once more, no longer content to be broken and confined. 
She wants to be free.
  She flits and flutters, fluffs up her feathers and preens to be seen.
 She is open to the gift of possibility.
 She is seeking out the spirit of adventure.
She is looking for another to sing to.
She is so much stronger than anyone knew.

Gently I whisper back "Soon my love"
I soothe her ruffled feathers "It won't be long now. Your time will come again, you'll see"
Softly we whistle together, a sweet melody of love. 
I witness her dreams in my sleep.
She is reborn.  She is yearning to take her maiden flight.
She is almost ready for the risk that comes with the fall.
She knows that she is strong enough to fly once more and she is the heart that is longing to soar.

She is my strength; my compassion; my ambition.
She is the courage that beats through my blood.
She is ethereal beauty.
Her spirit is wild and untamed. 
Her enchantments are powerful magic.
She casts a spell of allure wherever she goes - to see is to fall.
She is my own; my dear one. 
I will set her free and let her fly.
She is my Fairytale Heart and our story is only just beginning...

By Marie Bruce

I woke early this morning and wrote a simple piece of poetic prose, inspired by the picture above. Enjoy!

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