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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Yey...I'm the Birthday Princess!

There is a magical day that comes but once a year...I'm refering to a birthday. Today is mine and I have been thoroughly spoilt and pampered, after a nice weekend of catching up with friends and family.  Birthdays are somehow extra special in a time of recession and it is lovely to be presented with fabulous gifts and tokens of affection from loved ones. It is more meaningful that someone has taken the time and expense to think of you when times are hard and people are struggling.

Today I was given lots of wonderful gifts including a few books, dvds, a couple of perfumes, some Scottish crystal wear with thistle and piper design, bath and body products, the new Evanesense album and of course chocolates! So I have been wallowing in my own glory reflected in the eyes of those who know me best.  Its always nice to feel like a Princess :)  If my birthday was a colour, it would be soft rose pink with sparkling diamond dewdrops.

Every year since I was little my mum has written in my birthday card "May all your dreams come true" and I am convinced that this annual wish of loving kindness really has helped me to make many of my dreams and goals a reality over the years.  There are still things I want to do, goals I have yet to achieve, goals I have yet to set for myself as I have the Bruce trait of 'the need to press ahead' and meet all challenges, especially those I create for myself. So later tonight I will do a thanksgiving ritual for all the wonderful people in my life and to set the tone for the coming year, I will cast for the things I want to achieve.

I also have birthday traditions which I uphold every year; the main one being that my birthday is always a Disney day!  I watch Disney's Sleeping Beauty (which is my favorite fairytale) every birthday just after I open my cards and gifts.  I also got Tangled as a gift this year so I will be watching that tonight.  I tend to watch or listen to one of my favorite pop princesses; this year it is Britney and Kylie - are they really going to sing a duet together? That would be so cool!  And pink iced cakes are another must, with something festive and bubbly to drink, followed by a read through of one of my fairytale anthologies before I go to sleep at night. Mostly though I take time to consider all the wonderful things in my life; I am grateful for all that I have, all that I do and all the fabulous things that wait for me in the course of the year to come.

I know that a lot of you have followed my work for many years now and I am grateful for your loyalty and support.  As I am a writer and a witch I believe in the transformative power of words so here is one more birthday wish, just for you guys;   May all your dreams come true too! 
Blessed be
Marie x

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