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Saturday, 12 November 2011


Today I have been sulking.   Not in any door-slamming teenage tantrum sense, you understand; no, this is something far more sophisticated.  I must confess, I have turned sulking into an art form!  For me sulking is about taking the time to indulge in one's own personal space and privacy. On days like today I am so grateful for the fact that I am happily single and blissfully child free...so many women do not have the luxury of sulking as their time is taken up by the demands of husbands and kids.  For me sulking is all about self-nurturing, comfort and joy.  Its about snuggling into the nest of one's home and just staying put; its about short term hibernation.  November is the perfect month to indulge in the sulks as the short grey days and long dark nights bid you to stay indoors and enjoy a few home comforts. And I am a huge fan of soft living!

I believe that there are two types of sulking; spontaneous and pre-meditated.  Spontaneous sulking usually happens when you have had a set-back, disappointment or a really bad day. It comes upon you all of a sudden, leaving you feeling out of kilter and in need of a moments peace.  Pre-meditated sulking happens when you know you are in for a rough week due to a winter flu or PMS and you take steps to make things a little easier on yourself.  Both kinds of sulking are actually beneficial; they are our mental health days.

How do I sulk? Let me count the ways! I sulk in my four-poster bed, or curled up on the chaise-lounge under a warm throw; I sulk in cosy pj's or a long Victorian nightgown.  I sulk in a fragrant bath of foam and bubbles.  I indulge my need for peace and quiet by turning off the phones to avoid chatter and sinking into a great novel instead.  I always have scented candles and oils burning - today I am burning Sparkling Cinnamon from Yankee Candles and oil of  Winter Snow berries, so my house smells like a Narnian forest. I always mix fragrances so that my home smells unique; rarely the same two days in a row.  I also like to have piano nocturnes playing as the sound of this solitary instrument is so soothing to me. Sometimes I watch a DVD box set, like The Tudors (Henry Cavill is so sexy!) or I might simply day-dream and fall into reverie. 

Comfort foods are essential for a day of sulking, especially at this time of year when the weather is turning colder so I enjoy one of my favourite dishes like lasagna or baked potatoes with a yummy filling. Pretty cupcakes make me smile as they are so feminine; cinnamon waffle ice-cream is a nice treat; chocolate is essential!  Hot drinks keep out the chill and comfort the soul so I drink sweet caramel lattes during the day and right now I am sipping on warm mulled wine with the excuse that it is a seasonal beverage and its nearly my birthday! Naps and early nights are to be commended so I am going to add a drop of blackberry and lavender oil to the burner in my bedroom and snuggle into bed with my novel and spiced wine.  Reading by the soft glow of lamps and candlelight is the perfect end to a comforting day; in fact I have had so much fun sulking today that I plan on sulking again tomorrow too...that should leave me rested and restored, ready for a hectic, manic Monday!

Do you plan to indulge in a spot of sulking this month? How do you sulk?

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