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Friday, 18 November 2011

Pointe Shoes!

I am having some trouble breaking in my pointe shoes, which are not the shoes I wanted to buy. I actually wanted a pair of Bloch shoes but they didn't have my size so being an impatient creature I bought a pair of Sansha Recital instead.  These are really, really hard!  I keep rolling them back and forth, in both directions front and back but nothing seems to work and they are still as hard as clogs!  Maybe I am being too soft with them.  I don't want to break the shank as I do need the support, but at the moment there is no support and I keep tipping forward onto the box - not good. I cannot seem to get the shank to shape to my instep, so there is a gap between shoe and foot and I don't know what I might be doing wrong. I am having trouble rolling up en pointe in them too as there is just no flexibility in the shoe.  As I have already sewn on the elastics and ribbons I cannot return them, so I will keep trying to break them in for a bit longer...maybe they just need more time. Or I might go back for some Bloch pointes and hang the Sansha Recitals in my bedroom as room decor!  They are very pretty after all.

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