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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

St Andrew's Day!

Today is St Andrew's day and while, being pagan, I do not really hold to saints days I do like to celebrate all things Scottish on this day each year.  I regard St Andrew's day as a day to connect with a country I love and to indulge in my passion for Scottish history and legend.

The sight of the Saltire always puts a smile on my face and having recently been to the Highlands again I have lots of fresh memories to enjoy.  Today I will be listening to Scottish folk music, my favourite songs being Flower of Scotland as its about Robert The Bruce, Highland Cathedral and also The Dark Island which conjures up the magic of this majestic land.  I will also be burning heather oil in my oil burner to try and capture the scent of the Glen.  I love to hear the sound of the pipes playing; a lone piper can reduce me to tears, as can the sight of a beautiful Glen, or a stag - and I won't even mention what a man in a kilt can do for me!

I will be watching The History of Scotland DVDs and reading some of Neil Oliver's book of the same name. I must confess that I have a bit of a crush on Neil Oliver; its the way he scurries through the heather with his hair blowing; and the way he walks around Scotland absolutely secure in his sense of belonging.  Plus he is super intelligent and he loves all the things I love - Scotland, the sea, history, writing - he's just brilliant. I never tire of his work.  And I do think Scotsmen are incredibly sexy!

Finally I will be planning my next trip north of the boarder and getting excited about my return - there are still parts of Scotland I have not yet seen, including Loch Lomond, so perhaps I will visit there next time.  I was at Loch Ness in September, on a cruise boat sailing past a row of pretty Loch-side cottages, but I didn't catch a glimpse of the monster.  Maybe I'll go back again and have better luck Nessie spotting next time round...until then I wish all my Scots friends and readers, wherever in the world you may be, a very happy St Andrew's Day!

Blessed be
Marie x

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