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Saturday, 19 November 2011

WRITER'S DREAM; On My Writer's Bookshelf: Part 1

Are you still with me; or did the reality of my first Writer's Dream post bite too hard?  If you are here for a second helping then you might just have what it takes in resilience to become a writer!  I have said that writers write, but we also spend a lot of time reading too. Writers tend to read about writing when they have stalled creatively, when they seek inspiration from favorite authors or when they are gearing up to a long stint in the study working on a big project. I have lots of books on writing and the business of the publishing industry, some of which I have found invaluable throughout the course of my career.  Buying books such as the ones I am going to recommend here should be viewed as a financial investment in yourself and in your ambitions. And if you are not prepared to invest in yourself then why would you expect a publisher to invest money in your talent?  I was going to do a Top Ten Writer's Books post as I have been a big fan of reading lists since my university days, but on sorting through my favorite tomes in my study it became clear that they fall into two very distinct groups; books on the process of creativity and books about the business aspects of the publishing industry.  So without further ado here is Part 1 of my personal Top Ten.  Part 2 will follow at a later date.

Top Five Writer's Books for Creativity

1.  Teach Yourself Creative Writing by Dianne Doubtfire

2. The Creative Writing Coursebook by Julia Bell and Paul Magrs

3. The Writer's Idea Book by Jack Heffron

4. The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin

5. How I Write; The Secret Lives of Authors by Dan Crowe

Each of these books offers something different, from the basics covered by Dianne Doubtfire, through to a kind of home study experience presented by Julia Bell and Paul Magrs, to a book of ideas to get writers over a block and back into the zone.  Dan Crowe has complied anecdotes from well known authors, including Will Self and Ian Rankin, about how they write and what inspires them on a personal level, while Gail McMeekins book of secrets encompasses creativity of all kinds from music and dance to art and literature.

Let me know in the comments below if you want me to post BOOK NOOK reviews on any or all of these titles.  I have had some of these books for many years, since the start of my career, but you should be able to find them on Amazon if they are not in your local bookstore.   Grab whichever appeals to you the most - if you are a multi-dimensional writer like me and you enjoy writing music and lyrics, or poetic verse then The 12 Secrets will be right up your street.  In fact I think I am going to have a skim through that one now as I curl up with a latte and a cinnamon spiced cookie...  happy reading!

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