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Monday, 4 February 2013

MUSICAL DOLL; My Beautiful Piano

Time well spent at my very own beautiful piano.

I have been working on the new album for the past few days. I've really enjoyed myself, especially as the weather hasn't been good enough to get out and about.  The photo above is of my beautiful piano - owning a piano was a dream of mine from a young age, so when I was finally able to purchase this gorgeous Yamaha Arius in dark alder a few years ago I was beyond thrilled.  I have waited many, many years for the privilege of sitting down and enjoying playing my own piano whenever I want to. My piano is even more special to me as it was paid for with the money I make as a writer and I use it to further my musical career - that is the icing on the cake! 

It is nice to have my first album Moon Chants close by when I write new songs so that I can see how my work is progressing.  The Venetian masque is something I wore to a Halloween party some years ago, and it is in keeping with the Gothic theme of the next album project, so I keep it close to inspire me as I work on my music.

Today I have finally completed three songs for the new album.  I was having some trouble with the melody of one and with the lyrics of another. Sometimes it feels like the songs are shy children and I have to coax them out to play. But with a nice fire glowing, candles flickering, a howling gale blowing outside and a few days of patient coaxing, I have three more songs ready to go on the album.

I have been in my study recording the first demos this afternoon - these demos are just for me, so that I can keep the melody strong in my mind and rehearse the tracks.  Once I am happy with them, I will record new demos tweaking as I go; then once I have all the tracks in a demo form that I am happy with I will send them into the music label Paradise Music. 

I feel a warm sense of achievement for these last few days.  It's wonderful to be working on my own music. The chance to write, sing and record my own pagan albums is a fantastic pipe-dream-come-true and I love being creative in such a lyrical way.  It is a completely different  experience to writing copy or working on one of my novels. I enjoy all the different aspects of my work. Being a creative person, this is what makes me happy...putting pen to paper, fingers to keys and creating something new and original for other people to enjoy. Hopefully my work as a writer and as a musician will be enough to inspire other creative people too.

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