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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Envy is not nearly so beautiful in reality!

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I am still deep into writing the new album.  It has been going  well for  a while now; the lyrics are flowing freely and the melodies are allowing me to capture them. Sometimes the notes flutter away like butterflies and I have to wrangle them together to record them, but for the most part the music and lyrics are behaving themselves and cooperating with me.

I have been working nocturnally, staying up all night song writing and falling into bed at 6am.  I do find that the night time hours are very conducive to creativity.  I love the peace and silence of the night, as I write the lyrics first, then work on composing the melody. Occasionally melody and lyrics arrive together in my mind.  Its great when that happens; a buzz of pure inspiration!

Over the last couple of nights I have been writing a song about envy.  If you read my column you will know that I have been inspired by this topic before.  
Female envy fascinates me. It is bad enough that the world at large tries to intimidate women and put them down for daring to do well and be successful but that some women should feel the need to turn on their sisters in spitefulness is a social pattern which I find intriguing, disturbing and quite comical. 
I have often said that a women can be the prettiest, kindest, most generous hearted and talented person in a room - but don't ever expect her to be liked for it!

Why do women snipe at one another so cruelly?  Why can't a woman enjoy the success of a female friend, without feeling threatened by it and feeling the need to stick the knife in? It seems that some women are driven by the Mirror, Mirror ideology in that they have to feel that they are 'the fairest of them all'. Everyone else is an underdog, a lesser female and any success that individual might have earned is quickly dismissed as Luck. 

Envy controls its host.  The people who seethe in resentment are usually the ones who just cannot seem to get their own lives on track or make a success of anything.  It is my belief that the reason these women cannot give their lives forward-going traction is because they spend far too much time focused on what their friends, sisters, colleagues and family members are doing. Comparison is the road to discontent.  Discontent breeds envy.

Jealousy is an ugly trait.  In a circle of females malice is always much closer than you would like to think and it often wears the smile of a 'friend'.
When envy escalates into jealousy, the knife comes out, the back-stabbing begins and the Envious One tries to take away the success,man, career ...whatever it is she is jealous of. She just wants to cut someone down to size to make herself feel better about the stagnation of her own life.

In my song jealousy is personified as Lady Envy. Sadly it is a track lots of women will be able to relate to on a deeply personal level.

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