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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Inspiration in a box
Image from www.musicboxshop.co.uk

Music boxes are a part of every little girl's childhood. I still have the one my grandmother gave to me one Christmas when I was very small. It has a ballerina dancing inside and it plays "Raindrops" 

I have been very inspired by these pretty trinket boxes this weekend.  Music boxes are fun playthings in daylight but when they begin to play by themselves at midnight - that's a whole different story! I like the sinister image music boxes have in folklore where they are frequently haunted artifacts or used by witches as spirit traps to contain troublesome demons. 

I knew I wanted to make some kind of music box reference on the new album. I wanted it to be something quite familiar to listeners and at the same time, something completely new. The idea has been brewing gently at the back  of my mind for some time, until late last night the lyrics flowed to me, telling a story of a magical music box.  Is it haunted? Yes, in a manner of speaking, it is, though not by a ghost as that would be too obvious on a pagan album. My Music Box is still haunted nonetheless.

I think Music Box may well be the opening track on the album; this is a track I have been struggling to find! I've had the final track for some time, but the opener was more elusive so it's a relief to have it in place.It is also nice to be able to share this creative process with you. Usually writing a new project is a very solitary experience and my readers don't know what I've been working on until it is released. Now thanks to my blog and Twitter, I can let you in on the creative side of my work without giving too much away and spoiling the surprise.  I can share the nuts and bolts of putting a project together, where I find my inspiration , giving hints so you have an idea of what might be coming soon. 

Inspiration is everywhere; you just need to look with an artist's eyes.

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