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Saturday, 16 February 2013

MUSICAL DOLL; Masque of Inspiration

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I adore Venetian masques. I have a couple in my home as decoration that I wore to various Halloween parties. I think that these masques are romantic, mysterious and very glamorous.  I love the imagery they evoke of masquerade balls, secret trysts and moonlit gondola rides. 

I like the romantic notion of  being swept away by a handsome stranger, hiding in plain sight, his masque concealing his true identity. I can almost hear the music of the ballroom, see the velvet gowns swirling and the satin slippered feet dancing across the airborne notes as the music swells and cascades in a beautiful cadence of love...

Yet masquerade balls can be intimidating too as they are the perfect feeding ground for predators and anti-heroes alike. The loss of identity, the deception, the intrigue, the confusion...you never know just who you might be dancing with.  

I have been utterly lost in this kind of romantic reverie for a while now and I have created a song for my next album inspired by the very Gothic setting of a masquerade.  It is lyrically swirling, just like the ballgown of a dancer.  I have had great fun writing it and recording the demo. Look out for it on the new album at some stage in the future for just like the conclusion of a masquerade dance, all shall be revealed in the by and by.

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