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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Samhain, Then and Now

A sign of things to come! 1984; I was 11 years old here and at my Nan's house.  Not the best pumpkin I ever carved.

Now;  from the Spirit&Destiny photo shoot to promote my spell-casting column. And yes, the hair IS all my own.

There is a saying in witchcraft; once a witch, always a witch.  Basically it means that if you feel drawn to the gentle positive magic of witchcraft now, you were probably on this path in a past life.  It is more like finding your way back and remembering the techniques than learning something new.

Although most kids enjoy the spirit of Halloween, I always felt especially excited at this time of year.  I never went trick or treating as my father wouldn't allow it, but my brother and I enjoyed many other Halloween games such as apple bobbing, apples on strings, 'suck and see' where you are blindfolded and dip your finger into foodstuffs and guess what it is by taste - black treacle always had me stumped!

Looking through old family albums I discovered this photo of me as a child celebrating Halloween. It made me smile,  as it is a foreshadowing of future events and the turn my life has taken, working as a full time pagan author. I thought I would share the pictures even though they are fuzzy, share the magic and possibly make you smile too.

I will be observing Samhain quite gently this year, rather than celebrating; but I do wish you all a very magical Halloween night.
Blessed Be.

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  1. Samhain Blessings to you. May the Magic of the season surround you and Blessed Be x