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Saturday, 20 October 2012

MUSICAL DOLL; Fairytale Melodies

I am a woman who adores fairytales.  A fairytale can be any literary genre at all; ghost story, mystery, thriller, Gothic, erotic, always romantic...I am drawn to the concept of 'Happy Ever After' even though I know Life rarely gives people such a marvelous gift. 

I turn to the innocence of fairytales when reality becomes too painful.  A beautiful fairytale is a great antidote to sadness, taking you back to the safe realm of childhood; cocooning you in the secure knowledge of a happy ending. They are a wonderful form of escapism.

As I am currently writing my second pagan album which has a Gothic fairytale theme, I have been immersed in this enchanted branch of folklore for some time.
I have been searching for modern variations on old, much loved fairytales and came across some quite stunning pop music videos which are full of fairytale inspiration. 
These are some of my favorite ones. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I have. I find them all quite enchanting, charming and inspirational.

Katy Perry's Wide Awake is a stunning interpretation of a woman's descent into the Underworld to become Lady of the Labyrinth, facing and overcoming her personal demons.  I love the blue hair and the fact that she punches out the Prince!

Kelly Clarkson's Don't Waste Your Time is a darker, more Gothic version of Sleeping Beauty In the Woods. I especially love the red gown and the astral projection/spirit walking that takes place in this video. Once again this fairytale maiden is choosing independence over a less than princely Prince.

Amy Lee and Evanescence in Call Me When You're Sober re-work the Red Riding Hood tale, exploring the  theme of  a woman's disappointment in falling for a man she thinks is a Prince only to discover that he is a predatory wolf.  Oh, and I WANT that red Tartan dress!!!

Another Evanescence offering, this time with Amy Lee cast as the Snow Queen, trapped in an icy numbness,  freezing out raw emotions in an avoidance tactic and effectively blocking out past pain. Haunting piano melody and vocals.  This song is an old favorite of mine. 

Memories by Within Temptation is quite beautiful.  A woman in white; a ghostly lover in the mirror; a wraith of a woman, haunted by her own memories of love lost and found again in remembrance.

One of the things which I love about these music videos is that they do not pander to the stereotype of fairytale maidens being helpless damsels in distress; quite the contrary, as these maiden tend to kick the Prince into touch if he fails to live up to expectations!  These are strong, independent modern women living in a fairytale world of magic and enchantment, just like any modern day witch.

My own fairytale album follows on from my debut Moon Chants and is based around pagan magic, Wiccan ritual and traditional Gothic themes.  I will be writing the album throughout this winter, as I find the dark season most inspiring, it being in perfect harmony with the concept for the album. Click here to find out more and watch this space for more updates on the musical side of my career.
Blessed Be
Marie x

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