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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

IVORY TOWER; Regal Winter Nesting

Beautiful deep plum soft furnishings - the new colour for my winter time boudoir

Photo from; http://househomegarden.blogspot.com/

Last night we had the first deep frost of the season here in Yorkshire.  It was so cold my cat Pyewackett stayed snug indoors with me all evening and I turned the heating on.  I love the chilly nights at this time of year, when the darkness falls early and the sky looks like black velvet.  The October moon is one of the prettiest of the entire year, taking on an amber glow, like a pumpkin in the night sky.    It has barely warmed up at all today; it is grey and clouded over, so no frost tonight, but it is still decidedly chilly.

So I have given into my autumnal nesting instincts and spent the morning transforming my pretty lilac bedroom into a regal boudoir fit for a queen.  My room is painted a deep Lilac colour and during the lighter months I have pastel lilac voile panels hung to the windows, allowing the sunshine to filter through into the room.  Trouble is they don't afford much privacy and as the nights are getting darker earlier I wanted more substantial window dressings.  I was also ready to spruce the room up a bit and give it a mini make-over with new soft furnishings, candlesticks etc.

I went shopping and bought beautiful new curtains in a deep plum-purple faux suede.  They are thick and thermal lined, blocking out any silhouette at the windows and keeping heat and light from escaping. With coordinating plum voile blinds the windows now look like those of a royal palace.  I also bought a full bed throw in plum velvet, with matching plum duvet set and sequin boudoir cushions from www.kylieminogueathome.com to scatter and spruce up the bed.  I have spent the entire morning pottering in my room, cleaning windows, hanging new curtains, dressing the four poster bed and now I'm worn out!

I am very happy with how it all looks.  The room is ready for a cold, frosty winter.  The deep plum colour is inviting and warm; it feels as though the room hugs you when you walk in through the door.  The velvet feels rich and decadent.  It is queenly and regal in the deep purple tones of royalty. Best of all it feels completely private.  I am burning Yankee's Black Cherry to bring in the scent of autumn and putting out new candle holders so that I can retire to bed early with a good book or  snuggle down and watch a DVD.  It feels like a room where I can hibernate  when the winter sets in, or when my thyroid disorder decides I must curl up and sleep like a dormouse.  It is a room for sipping something festive, picking through a pile of new books and feeling like the Queen of my own little dominion.  Winter, you are most welcome...my snug little nest is ready for you now.

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  1. We haven't had any frost down here in the South East yet, but the warm autumn sunshine today is a welcome sight after yesterdays continual drizzle. Your room sounds cozy and inviting, and perfect for winter evenings snuggled up with a good book and a spiced latte or hot chocolate ! I am hoping to buy a fleece or too for our sofas downstairs, as during the winter months the faux leather is rather cold !