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Sunday, 4 November 2012

ONCE UPON A DREAM; To Weave a Woman's Web

Flaunt your feathers and beguile him with a smile.

To Weave a Woman’s Web

Weave a web of wantonness
A twinkle in the eye
A rush of palpitations
A breathy, heart felt sigh

A quiver of the flesh
And a stirring of the blood
A cresting of desire
That has never felt so good!

Ride the waves of passion
In satisfaction, slumber deep
Be elusive as the butterfly
If his interest you would keep;

Then spin a web of intrigue
To keep him wanting more
Exude an air of mystery
To tempt him through your door

Maintain your independence
And set your spirit free;
These are the rules of engagement
If a temptress you would be!

By Marie Bruce

I wrote the poem above some years ago for my book The Wiccan Temptress  but much of the poetry was removed in the final edit due to space issues so I have decided to share some if them here on this blog instead. The tone of To Weave a Woman's Web  seems to suit the Gothic pictures I have chosen to include in this post.  I adore the work of  Spanish artist Victoria Frances; she is fearless in the subjects she covers and her work is all over the internet.  She portrays a world of dark Gothic beauty that is extremely seductive.  Take a look at her beautifully atmospheric website to view more of her stunning work www.victoriafrances.es 

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