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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

POET'S CORNER; Cauldron Charm

Cauldron Charm

In my cauldron a love spell burns
Glimmering brightly in darkest night
In my heart a longing yearns
Bringing forth a love of deep delight

As I stand, cauldron-side
Humming softly, a pagan tune
I dream a dream of virgin bride
By witching hour I cast my boon

In rising smoke, a scrying scene
Of lovers lanes, a misty glen,
Of rowing boats and moonlight beams
My mind swings back 'tween now and then

And so in my cauldron a summons burns
And in my song is a siren's call
By my power a lost love returns
By my charm he is held in thrall.

by Marie Bruce

It is that time of year again as Valentine's Day fast approaches and hearts and flowers are everywhere, so it seemed a good time to post a new love poem.  I wrote this over the New Year, inspired by The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse above.  I've often wondered what this witch was casting for and what Waterhouse had in mind as he painted her.  So I decided to answer my own question with this poem of a summoning spell for a lost love.  February is a great month for love spells and tonight is the full moon, so if you are single it would be a good time to work a little summoning magic of your own. Now, where did I put my cauldron...;-) x

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