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Monday, 9 February 2015


"The first dew on a rose in bloom
The first time that I saw you."

It is the first beautiful sunny day we've had here in Yorkshire for some time.  Up to now it has been cold and snowy, but today it feels like there is the first hint of spring in the air.  As the sun was out I decided it was a good day to go shopping.  I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket and now that the madness of the sales is over, I wanted to enjoy a couple of quiet hours wandering the shopping center, soaking up the pleasure of a bit of retail therapy.

I had a particular collection in mind before I set off and so I headed straight for super-model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's sumptuous lingerie displays.  Usually I spend my money on books; more recently I've been having to save up for course fees for the night classes I'm taking, so it has been a while since I treated myself to a few feminine fripperies. I'm so pleased that I picked the Rosie collection, as not only are the items just lovely, they had a few offers running too. 

I wandered around slowly, looking at everything, feeling the satin and silk, the frothy lace, the soft as a kitten cashmere.  I love that Rosie is inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites in her designs - this is clearly evident in the ad campaign where she recreates the picture above of a woman kissing a rose.  All of her night clothes and lingerie have a rose theme, which is my favourite flower, so I had to get a few new chemise nighties with delicate rose prints in shades of pink, pale blue and black. Even the lace is of a rose design. Each item is delicate and dainty, which I need because I'm petite - some pajamas just swamp me, but these little slips are just right.

I also got the new perfume, Rosie, which has just launched.  This is a stunning fragrance - like fresh roses on a dewy morning. It is delicate and feminine, without being too twee.  The bottle is weighty, with a rose engraved on the lid, so it will look pretty on my dressing table.  I love falling asleep to the dreamy scent of a rose garden, so Rosie is the perfect bedtime perfume for me.  I like to wear something different at night-time to the fragrances I wear during the day. My bedtime perfumes are usually full of rose notes that gently lull me into a state of calm relaxation and dreamy reverie.  I love this fragrance so much already - I know it will become a favorite.  

As a free gift I also came home with three small Rosie scented candles, in little glass jars. They are pretty trifles - the kind of thing you really don't need, but as a small treat now and then, they can make day to day life more of a fairytale. I plan to burn them in my bedroom, as I snuggle down beneath the covers in my new nightwear, enjoying the scent of a rose, amid a beautiful, fragrant Rosie glow.  See if the ad doesn't work it's magic on you too...

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