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Thursday, 29 January 2015

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Anam Cara - Soul Mates

The Meeting on the Turret Stair

"In the ancient Celtic mystical tradition, it's believed that when two people born to cross paths, lives and hearts, do embrace each other, a third entity comes into being - a Spirit Companion that watches over the two souls to help them love each other into fullness..."
(from the book Something More by Sarah Ban Breathnach)

Oh, how I long for this to be true!  What a wonderful, beautiful concept it is, that when soul mates meet and hold onto one another, a special angel is assigned to watch over that relationship...to guide them as life rips them apart, as circumstances get in the way, as obstacles are thrown in their path to deliberately separate them...through all of this, an angel watches over the star-crossed lovers as they are repeatedly tested. Time ticks on and while they might not be getting any younger, it helps to think that an angel of love guides the lovers as they each find their way forwards, towards eventual reconciliation, in perfect love and perfect trust, keeping the faith that doing things the right way will lead to reunion, joy and fulfillment.

How many of us have wished that we had seen the truth when it was standing right before us, only to feel foolish when the penny finally drops much, much later?  I know I frequently feel this way as I fail, time and again, to recognize a soul mate when I see one.  For a woman who has an incredible and downright spooky sense of foresight when it comes to helping other people, I can be stupidly dense when it comes to trying to help myself.   In the past I have told expectant mothers they were expecting even before they knew themselves; I've given accurate warnings of infidelity and divorce up ahead; I have had fore-shadowing of bereavements to come...and yet when it comes to matters of the heart, I cannot seem to see past the end of my own nose.  

I am romantically blinkered and blind-sided and I am left to contemplate my anam cara driving away on a dark winters night in Oban, as I pressed my face against the glass of the hotel window to watch him go. Knowing him, he will understand my wary oversight, accept it as a challenge and keep on trying to get my attention.  Hopefully, one day the penny will drop in my mind while he is still standing right in front of me, rather than long after when he has driven off, blowing kisses to me as he goes!

But it is such a comfort to think that he and I might have our very own relationship angel looking out for us and that maybe, just maybe, my er...oversight, is all part of the cosmic plan because obstacles do still stand in our way. To everything its time and place; the love is constant and true; we won't fall out of love and anything worth having is worth fighting for, worth waiting for.  I know this. I believe this to be true.

The space between my forgetting and remembering is getting narrower - so I know things are coming right for me, slowly but surely.   It's not so long ago since I saw him last which means that things are coming right for us too, one chance meeting at a time.  At some point he and I are bound to find ourselves on the same page, at the same time and we will each be fully aware of who it is standing before us...
anam cara...soul mates x

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