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Saturday, 12 October 2013

SCREEN SIREN; Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle starring Kim Novak and James Stewart is one of my favourite witchy films.  I always watch it during the month of October to get into the mood for the magical season. I even named my own cat Pyewackett after the feline familiar in the film.  It  is a fabulous love story and rather than frights and scares, this film concentrates on enchantments, charms and the universal magic of falling in love.  There is also the scene that must have inspired JK Rowling when she wrote of Dumbledore putting out street lights, not to mention an actress named Hermione Gringold - inspiration for Hermione Granger and Gringotts Bank maybe?  

Kim Novak plays a seductive witch who casts a love spell on her new neighbour, James Stewart, with a little help from her familiar, Pyewackett.  The shenanigans that follow are by turns hilarious and moving, as the characters question where the spell ends and the real love begins; or is it all one and the same?  What is love anyway, if not magic?

Bell, Book and Candle is a very glamorous film and the 1950's costumes are simply stunning, giving a nod to the Red Riding Hood look.  Kim Novak smolders with an aloof sophistication. She is detached from her circle of friends and family; a single, hot witch who longs for nothing more than a loving man who will accept her, her gift and her way of life.  However,  the course of true love never runs smoothly - not even for a powerful witch.  

This is a family friendly, spellbinding film and perfect viewing for Halloween.


  1. I haven't seen this, so will go and check out good old Amazon to see if they have a copy ! Nothing like an excuse for getting in the Hallowe'en mood :D

  2. I can not believe that I have never seen this movie, especially as I really love James Stuart and it sounds like such a magical film, I need to watch this movie, I adore Halloween, this will definitely get me in the "spirit"! Love and Lustre Jemma xxx