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"FUIMUS - We Have Been!" motto of Clan Bruce

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Monday, 28 October 2013

POET'S CORNER; Shadow Charm

'Tis the season of the witch...prepare to be Spellbound!

Shadow Charm
In the dark, damp earth beneath the fallen leaves of autumn;
In the woody embrace of a hollow tree;
Shrouded in the black velvet night;
On the shadow-side of candlelight;
Tangled within the gossamer threads of a cobweb;
Ruffled in the feathers of a raven’s wings;
In the predatory flick of a feline’s tail;
In the decay of autumn and the death of the year at winter’s end;
On the dark side of the moon;
In mists and fogs and screaming gales;
In thunder, lightening and pouring rain;
In icy white frosts and snowy blizzards;
In the bark of a fox and the howl of a wolf;
In the harrowing screech of a hunting owl;
Lost within desolate castles and lonely bell towers;
Lingering in the cemetery and in crumbling crypts;
Waiting in the stillness of sacred stone circles;
Slumbering deeply in barrow mounds;
On windswept hilltops and isolated moors and tors;
Ebbing and flowing on craggy seashores;
Glimmering in the walls of caverns and caves;
In the soft whisper of a departing spirit;
Waiting on the edge between life and death;
At the centre of the crossroads;
Where three forest paths meet and the yew stands tall;
Hanging in the balance of dusk and dawn;
For those who choose a hidden path...
Herein dwells the shadow charm;
For those who dare to speak it.

By Marie Bruce

This is an unpublished poem I dug out from my archives.  It is in keeping with the spirit of the season. I hope you enjoy it.
Blessed Be,
 Marie x

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