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Sunday, 6 October 2013

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Meet Pyewackett - 15 TODAY!!!

Happy 15th Birthday Pyewackett !

Sleeping Beauty, dreaming on the canopied chaise lounge
Today is Pyewackett's 'Official Birthday'.  I say official because he is a rescue cat and we don't actually know when his real birthday is, so we celebrate on the anniversary of the day he came to live with me, October 6th.  The vet said he was about a year old when I got him, which makes today his 15th Birthday!!!

He is quite a famous feline; I have written about him in all of my books and he was the inspiration for the cover of  Magical Beasts.  He has been featured in local and national press during my interviews.  Like me, Pye is very camera shy and I have to be sneaky to get a picture of him ...when I do, this is the look I get...

"Get that thing out of my face, Mother!"
Pye has had quite a tough year; he had to have all his teeth removed due to old cat dental problems, but he's recovered well and still loves his food!  He has lots of yummy treats to eat today and new toy mice to play with that crackle when he pounces on them.  For a cat who loves to go outdoors rambling, to reach the grand old age of 15, and to be 'in really good nick' as the vet said, makes me so proud - he is obviously streetwise and super smart.  He has some 'old cat' moments when he is a little stiff in winter time; he prefers to spend more time indoors as the weather gets colder, but during the summer months he likes nothing better than laying out in the sunshine, catching some rays.

People often comment on the fact that I have a black cat, as if I planned it to fit in with the publicity for my books, which is utter nonsense.  Pyewackett is a rescue cat but I didn't go and pick him out from a shelter. Someone my mother worked with told her about him. Mum asked me if I'd give him a home and I said yes immediately so she brought him to me that same day.  I hadn't even seen Pye before I gave him a home.  I didn't care what colour he was; I just wanted to care for him and keep him safe and well. 
I love his personality and he could just as easily have been white, ginger or calico - it wouldn't have made any difference and he would still have been my cat. He is a much beloved friend and companion, not a publicity stunt.  

He does have a few Familiar ways though; he likes to sleep beneath my little mermaid altar table when he is unwell, as he seems to like the positive energy there.  He loves candles, but he has only sniffed one once, years ago - lesson learned!  He likes to flip my tarot cards over with his paws and quite a few have claw marks in them. He is fascinated when I use my pendulum. He knows when I am sad or sick, in the way all animals seem to have empathy with their human carers.  He enjoys playing 'baby' in my arms as I tickle his tummy while I sit in the rocking chair and rock him to sleep.  He sleeps on a purple velvet throw and matching cushion, on the end of my bed...spoilt as a little Prince!  Maybe that's why he has reached a good age. Needless to say, I am hoping for many happy returns of the day!

BB Marie and Pyewackett.


  1. Happy Birthday Pyewackett !! He is gorgeous - he looks like the first cat we ever had when I was 5 called Gobbolino (from the children's book Gobbolino the Witches Cat) - my Witchy reading started early!! Like Pye, my cat Nutmeg had to have nearly all her teeth removed last summer, but it certainly hasn't stopped her from eating !lol! Hope he has had a purrfectly pampered day :D
    Love Star x x

    1. Pye says thanks for the good wishes :) He's had a thoroughly nice time
      BB Marie and Pyewackett x