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Sunday, 2 June 2013

ONCE UPON A DREAM; My Life Is A Pagan Fairy Tale

Lost in a world of my own imagining.

I always feel like blogging as the witching hour of midnight approaches.  Tucked up in my bed, the curtains on the four poster draped around me and Pyewackett curled at my feet, I can happily type and not even realize I am still working.

For the past few days I have been utterly lost in pagan fairy-tales. My imagination has been swept away by characters that are familiar to me and yet completely reinvented. It has made me reassess my own life and show more gratitude for all that I have and the magic I enjoy.

For almost two decades the magic of paganism has filled my daily life. It is so much a part of me now that I barely even realize that I am doing something out of the ordinary, until a non-pagan looks at me strangely and asks "What are you doing?" Er, it's called casting.

Over the years so many of my personal dreams and ambitions have come true and I firmly believe that this is due to my living a magical life.  That isn't to say my life is perfect - far from it.  I have days and weeks where I feel drained and disenchanted; when I feel like I have lost all my power and motivation; when I worry that I have used up all my good fortune already and only the bad stuff remains.

But then I think of all that I have achieved so far and I trust that I will be guided in my next step. I follow my feet and see where they lead. Oftentimes they lead me to my desk, to write. Sometimes they lead me on a bold new adventure. Other times they take me to Scotland and the land of my ancestors where the magic surges through the earth to greet the footsteps of a Bruce.

Wherever the fairy-tale unfolds, whatever the trials might be, I know that I am on the right path for me. Even when I take a wrong turn, confronting the Trickster time and again, there is wisdom found in the lesson waiting for me there. My theory is; If it's meant to be it will be; but if not this, then something better awaits me. It is a theory that has stood me in good stead.

A pagan lifestyle means that I see the magic in all things, even the mundane and the humdrum. I sense the possibility of each day; I feel the power of the midnight hour; I scry with a pendulum in the street when I'm lost; I ask a boon of the Greenman at midsummer; I tie wish ribbons to the branches of a Clootie Tree and I give thanks for the gift of this magical, fairy-tale life.
I make my living writing magical books and sharing my spells in magazines.
 I sing pagan songs of pure enchantment.
My life is a Pagan Fairy-Tale.
Yours can be too.
Blessed Be

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