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Saturday, 8 June 2013


A Gypsy Life. A travelling world of magic and dreams.

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This week, following a recent editorial commission, I have been immersed in the folkloric tradition of gypsy magic.  It is a subject that has always fascinated me and it's great to finally find an editor who shares my enthusiasm for this often misunderstood magical pathway.  Look out for my work in the up-coming It's Fate Annual 2014, out later this year.

As I have been writing at my desk I have felt my sleeping spirit of adventure well and truly roused.  I now long for nothing more than a gilded Romany caravan, a beautiful pony and a dark and handsome gypsy lover.

During the writing process I was reminded of the origin for one of the tracks on my Moon Chants album - Ballad of the Beltain Fire-Nymph was inspired by the idea of a beautiful gypsy temptress, dancing around a camp-fire. But she is more than she seems for she is actually a Fire-Nymph from the realm of Elphame or Faerieland, trying to ensnare a human lover with her seductive song and dance.  

Originally this was just a poem written for my book The Wiccan Temptress, but space issues meant that the poetry wasn't included.  The following year I expanded on the poem, adding a melody, chorus and  bridge and included it on the album as a song instead. I always knew it would find its place. I am delighted that it is a track on my debut album.

Here is another gypsy inspired poem I wrote some years ago, that was included in one of the later editions of my book The Witch's Almanac. 

Gypsy Dreams

To sleep beneath the star-light
And awaken with the dawn
To breakfast on a tickled trout
Freshly caught that morn

To gather reeds and willows
And weave them into baskets
To sell them for a silver coin
To fill the family casket

To gather wild herbs
And lots of lucky heather
To sell to a farmer
A charm for good weather

To tell the time of day
By the passing of the sun
To 'whisper' wild ponies
And see how fast they run

To gaze within a crystal ball
Or deal the tarot cards
To conjure up a love spell
To make a heart less hard

To dance around the camp-fire
And tap the tambourine
To share a hearty supper
And then retire to dream

To awaken with the cock crow
To groom and harness horse
To hitch up the vardo
And continue on your course

To live from day to day
And travel far and wide
Could anything be grander
Than the Romany Gypsy life?

By Marie Bruce

I am sure that I shall be dreaming about mysterious Gypsy Princes all weekend long!  May the road rise to meet you and the starlight guide your way. Until our next merry meeting. Blessed Be.

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