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Saturday, 2 March 2013

MUSICAL DOLL; A Rose for a Rose

The purity of a white rose upon a bed of virgin snow

For the past few days I have been pondering on the pure beauty of the rose.  It is a flower that symbolizes so many things; true love, fidelity, constancy,  purity, loss, fairytale romance, enchantment, beauty, frailty and virginity.

The white rose always makes me smile and I knew I wanted to include it's symbolism on the new album.  It is the emblem of Yorkshire, my home county. It was the chosen flower of the Jacobites in Scotland and being a Bruce, I like this rebellious association. I am also very fond of the word itself - Rose.
 A beautiful name...it speaks to me of pure love.

I have been working on a new song, inspired by the rose. Often associated with loss, grief and funerals the white rose has a darker, Gothic side to it.  It is a flower which haunts the living in every rite of passage through births, marriages and deaths. It marks the passing of a woman's life from virgin bud, to full bloom, to frail fading petals. It is a ghostly, spirit flower.

Creatively I have an image of a single white rose blooming, unseen, unloved, amid a frosted winter landscape of virgin snow.
In my song the white rose is so much more than meets the eye.  As the dark Gothic fairytale of the album unfolds, we meet her passionate alter-ego the red rose too. 

A rose for a rose, bound together in melody and lyrics where none can tear them apart and where love blooms eternally, by a standing stone, amid the falling snow.
Constant and True.

The White Rose of Yorkshire

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