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Thursday, 21 March 2013

IVORY TOWER; Knight of the Holy Grail Arrives!

This beautiful picture, hand signed by the artist, now hangs in my bedroom.

One of the nicest things about being a writer is when I get to interact with other creative people.  I have artists, musicians and fellow authors I correspond with, usually by email and we often exchange goodies. It is like a cyber Bloomsbury Group and I love it. It is a great part of my job as we share our creative experiences and support one another's work.

There came a knock upon the door this afternoon and it was the postman.  He had brought me something wonderful!  A rolled cardboard tube containing the promised print The Knight of the Holy Grail from the Jack Shalatain Studio in Cornwall.

This is a very special gift, beautifully hand signed by the artist himself, and although I knew it was on its way to me as he'd emailed me earlier in the week to arrange it, it was still a wonderful surprise when it arrived.

The print is quite large at A3 size, printed on expensive vellum paper, so it has the look of a canvas. The signature is in flowing script and dated.  It is a stunning piece of art from one of my favorite artists.  That it is signed and dated makes it even more special to me... I feel so very lucky to own it.

Enclosed with the print was also a note card, depicting more of Shalatain's work. Inside, hand written by the artist is a note of thanks for my support of his work, with hints as to a new knight painting he is planning.  Apparently The Knight of the Holy Grail is one of Jack's favorites among his paintings and I can see why; it is completely captivating.  This note card was a lovely personal touch from a lovely artist. I will put it away safely with the rest of our correspondences from years past.

Of course I spent the majority of the afternoon getting this treasure framed.  It now hangs in my bedroom and the deep tones of the painting complement the violet decor.  It fits in perfectly with the four-poster bed and the overall theme of the room, as I already have a few fine arts prints of knights and ladies hung in here.  As I type it is almost dusk; the candles are flickering on the Knight of the Holy Grail - he is alive tonight and I am thrilled and enchanted.

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