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Sunday, 31 March 2013


This looks like my sort of night class.

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Over the past few weeks I have been toying with the idea of returning to a course of study in the evenings. I have done night classes in the past and enjoyed them, though these were usually dance and music classes. I am now thinking of returning to college to study something more academic, say psychology, sociology or something like that; something that will help to make me a better, more insightful writer and which I can bring to my career as an author.

Being a proactive type I have spent much of the Easter bank holiday looking over the short courses available at local colleges. One thing that struck me was how expensive the term fees are; on average a single term of once-a-week academic (as opposed to hobby orientated) night classes will cost around £500. With three terms to one academic year that soon adds up to a substantial fee.  Gone are the days of access to education for all.

My plan, if I decide to go ahead, is to begin a short taster course in the autumn and see if I enjoy it.  I do enjoy learning new things and I like to be back in the classroom.  Night school is great as you can fit it around work commitments and family obligations. The courses are usually broken up into shorter blocks, so it does take longer to achieve a qualification if that's what you want, but it also means that you can do a taster  course in each subject that interests you, just for fun.

For someone like me who works from home, night classes give me the opportunity to get out and about, to meet new people who share similar goals and ambitions.  It is a fun way to learn something different.  It is also a good way to put some additional structure into my week. I believe that any positive experience, such as a learning experience, will make me a stronger writer.  We are all learning all the time anyway, so we might as well give our learning some strategic direction. For some, night classes are the path to a new career or a promotion in their current career.  For me they are a great night out for my inner Blue-Stocking!

Have you ever thought of taking up a night class of some sort?  It is a great way to enhance the work-a-day week and to feel re-energized and pro-active in your own life.

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