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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Crushing on Richard III

I still have another week off night classes and I have been procrastinating on completing my homework with some lovely books and films.  Most recently I have been watching The White Queen box set and totally pashing on Richard, one of the three Sons of York, above.  I like the way he can sit a horse and holds the reins correctly, thumbs on top - its surprising how many actors fail in that basic riding position, but he nails it.

I've long had a bit of a thing for King Richard III.  Yes, I know he is reputed to be the bad boy of history, but I quite like that about him.  He also seemed to have a deep sense of chivalry and social responsibility, which is why he made himself King instead of allowing England to be ruled by a young boy vulnerable to the manipulation of others.  Did he have a hand in the murdered Princes of the Tower?  I don't know. But in the battle for a kingdom it makes sense to leave none alive when it comes to the opposition thus ending any counter claim for the throne.

I think I like Richard III because he reminds me of Robert the Bruce and I see parallels between the two kings.  Robert the Bruce killed the Red Comyn when he refused to give up his claim to the throne of Scotland and yield to the Bruce. He even sent a man back to make sure the Comyn was dead - that is to make sure he had eliminated the opposition. Brutal? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely, at that time, and the ancient blood feud between Clans Bruce and Comyn still stands, spoon fed to us from a young age. But when there is a kingdom at stake, any challenge must be met and won and any opposition must be utterly defeated.  I admire that both The Bruce and Richard III were fearless in making good their claim to the throne.

King Richard was laid to rest just last month, after his bones were finally found and identified and while I'm sad he is not resting here in Yorkshire, I'm happy that he has been given an honorable resting place at last.  He was a knightly king and he deserves to be honored as such. At least his tomb is made of Yorkshire Swaledale stone, so he will be surrounded by his home county as he slumbers. 

As for me, I'm planning to research more about him and his life, as I currently only have the romanticized version of him to go on. I am a romantic though and I rather love that King Richard has this knightly, chivalrous charm about him.  The knights were the soldiers of their day, their job was to guard, defend and protect. A knight was meant to live an honorable life and die in battle if he could not achieve victory - for me, Richard III ticks all those boxes. 

I am proud to be a White Rose of Yorkshire and I wear my Yorkshire Rose pin next to my Clan Bruce pin on my coat so I feel a duel affinity with Richard III.  He saw a chance for the throne and he took it.  I love him for that, for his ambition and his determination to succeed, because any Bruce worthy of our name would be the first to spot a floating crown and claim it for ourselves! Now, where's my tiara?

A knightly vision to set the heart a-flutter!

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