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Saturday, 11 April 2015

MUSICAL DOLL; Decor Inspired by Pretty Songbirds

I adore this music video! I've been planning to buy a beautiful decorative birdcage for my home for some time, as I like the idea of the songbird having flown away to freedom.  I like pretty birdcages that are designed to hold candles and plants, or which are whimsical table lamps. These music videos have reminded me that I still need to buy such a cage and I think I'll go shopping for one this weekend.
It is a theme that I explored some time ago in an earlier blog post Caged Heart which you can read here if you want to link

There is another birdcage hanging in the background of this video too and I love how the interior set has been designed for this one.  I could easily live in a room like Leona's!  I like the muted colours - deeper than a pastel but not bright shades that scream and jar. It's soft, feminine and sophisticated. So pretty.
I can feel a visit to Homebase coming on...

...Some time later that day...
Ta-Daaaa! Here is it, my beautiful new birdcage with my silver filigree owl peeking out.  I love it.

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