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"FUIMUS - We Have Been!" motto of Clan Bruce

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Monday, 15 July 2013


Entranced by the call of the sea...

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Sea Spirit

The boatman calls to me; I have no coin to pay his fee
The lighthouse shines so brightly;
 It's beacon comes too late for me;
I'm lost at sea; forever lost, I wait for thee

The sea gulls call; their gleaming eyes see right through me
They sing my song; their haunting cries sing out for me;
I'm lost at sea; forever lost, I wait for thee

The boat has gone; the ships have all returned to shore
They search no more; I'm lost, yet they look for me no more
I'm all at sea; forever lost, I wait for thee

The waves took me; now they bear my flesh to shore
I swim no more, against the current rough and raw
But it's not me; no, it's no longer me...

For I am the spirit of the sea; I am the mist, the spray, the foam
I am the ghostly sea; I am the haunting sea
Bound for all eternity to be a spirit of the sea

I'm lost at sea; forever lost I'll wait for thee
When will you come to me...to join the spirits lost at sea?

By Marie Bruce

As poetry is such a well known part of my work I thought I would begin a new series on my blog called Poet's Corner, named after the area in Westminster Abbey where many of Britain's greatest poets are laid to rest.   

Written above is another one of my poems published in a later edition of The Witch's Almanac.  It was written at this time of year after a summertime trip to the coast.  I spent a lot of my childhood on the east coast of Yorkshire and I do feel happiest when I am by the sea.  I love spending time by the waves, listening to the cries of the gulls, enjoying the eternal pull of the ocean.   The track Lady of the Sea on my Moon Chants album was inspired by the soft lullaby sound of a gentle incoming tide at Scarborough, Yorkshire, where Anne Bronte is buried.  

I hope you enjoy this new blog series of my poetry; I plan to share both published and some unpublished works too.  
BB Marie x

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