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Friday, 19 July 2013

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Fairy Tale Bath Times

Loving this magical new range of bath products, inspired by fairy tales.... Right up my street

Ordinarily I am a woman who enjoys shopping; except for the mundane task of grocery shopping that is.  I don't like supermarkets as they are always too busy, but such chores have to be endured.  I make it more fun by trying to see if I can pick up something magical from the supermarket lanes - it might be some herbs or candles for a spell, or a book or DVD that has a magical theme...sometimes it is something so delightfully twee and 'so me!' that I just have to share it...

This morning as I pushed the trolley around I discovered the new limited edition range of bath products from Imperial Leather.  The range is inspired by the realm of fairy tales and you all know by now how much I adore a good fairy tale.  The products have magical names such as Bewitching and Enchanting, the bottles are pretty and the scents are divine.  I chose the Spellbinding and Alluring bath cremes as I can think of nothing more fabulous than frolicking in the bath like a mermaid during this dreadful heatwave. 

I like that the range is split into two categories, the Light which is all that is good and pure, like a fairy princess; and the Dark which is all that is mysterious and seductive, like a beautiful enchantress.  I got one from each - Spellbinding is Dark and Alluring is Light.  They look so pretty on my bathroom windowsill and they will bring a touch of fairy tale magic to bath times.

I also got more Yankee tarts in Vanilla Frosting, Cherry Vanilla and Sweet Pea; a spooky DVD called The Wicked that is about a scary witch; plus a new book called Her Highland Protector by Ann Lethbridge because the title appealed to me, there's a hot guy in tartan on the cover and I am a sucker for a handsome Scotsman - even if he is only fiction!  

So that pretty much sums up what my weekend is going to look like...indulging in fairy tale bubble baths, reading a Highlander romance and scaring myself late a night with a spooky film.
Whatever you are planning for the weekend, stay safe in the heat.
BB Marie

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  1. Brightest Blessings Marie! I have finally appeared from the dark depths of life with no internet or phone - a fate caused by the act of moving down to the sea , where mobile signal and broadband seem to be a novelty!! Although our house is a new build terrace- squashed in the middle with very peculiar shaped rooms- rather than the cottage idyll of my dreams, I like it none the less. We have trees lining the back of the house with fields beyond and a little garden to fill with pots of veggies and flowers next spring. I hope to spend the next few months turning the inside of the house into a cosy, magical,writing space with a sea theme running through as well. Now the move is over I am starting to get bits and pieces, the first of which was some of the shower gel for my bathroom that you have pictured above ! I chose the Enchanting fragrance first, though I also want to get Bewitching !lol! I also have a gorgeous Yankee candle burning as I write - Clean Cotton and I have a Sea Breeze one for the bathroom too.
    Look forward to chatting on here with you :-) x x