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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WRITER'S DREAM; The Alchemy of Writing

I couldn't agree more....

  Writing is a form of alchemy and just like turning lead into gold there is magic involved.  A writer is nothing if not a magician; a sorceress transforming the way in which she views her life – creating fiction from fact and fact out of fiction.  It is possible to write things into being, to improve your life with the act of writing.
Writing in itself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What you place on the page has power and it may soon become apparent in your daily life.  By this I mean that if you write about your longing for a relationship in your diary within a few short weeks or months, you may find yourself in love.  Or perhaps there is a particular item you want for the house or a new dress for a special occasion; in writing out your desire, somehow you come that much closer to having what you want.
Like magic our writing works in mysterious ways.  I’ll give you an example.  I have written poetry for years and some of my work has appeared in my books and been well received by readers.  Poetry as I have mentioned before has had its day; it is now generally viewed with suspicion by mainstream publishers.  My dream was to write pagan poetry and set them to music so that I could sing them (singing is another passion of mine) and maybe even record them.  The problem was, I did not play a musical instrument and have little knowledge of musical theory.  I wrote of my pipe-dream in my diary back in 2002. Some years later  in 2007 I was approached by a highly successful musician who asked me if I was interested in writing a pagan album and recording it with him.  Was I interested?!  Was that a trick question???  The result as you probably know was my debut album, Moon Chants. 
This is the magical alchemy of writing at work.  The act of writing is alchemy for turning dreams into reality.  In the past writing was considered a magical act in its own right and words and letters were thought to hold the power of transformation within them.  Ancient letters such as the Norse Runes and the Celtic Ogham are still used today as powerful tools of change and insight.  The alphabet we are more familiar with today is no less powerful. In putting words on the page you are defining a new future for yourself – why not define a future where you are living a writing life?
I realize that this might be difficult to believe but the very act of committing a dream to the page seems to begin a chain of events. Suddenly you will be introduced to people who can help you or who share your dream.  You will be drawn to a library and find a reference book which can help your current writing project along. It is as if your higher self is guiding you to make all the right moves, helping you to get the job done and achieve your dream.
I could wax lyrical about the alchemy of writing all day, but the only way you will come to see the truth of it is if you begin to experience it for yourself.   Pick a dream that you harbor and write it out in as much detail as possible.   The dream can be anything at all – there are no limits.  What matters is that this dream means something to you, that you are passionate about it and that you write it out in as much detail as possible.  Remember that you are trying to write your dream into being.  When you have finished the piece date it and keep it in a safe place. When the alchemy of your writing brings your dream into being take out the piece of writing and write how the dream manifested and on what date.   It works for me.  You won’t know if it will work for you too unless you try it out, so put pen to paper and commit your dream to the page.  You too can become an alchemist of the written word. 

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