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Saturday, 4 May 2013

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Beauty and the Books

This reminds me of Madonna in the '80's, with a touch of fairytale fun!
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I've been quite busy this last couple of weeks, indulging in some serious shopping.  I decided I wanted to spruce up my bathroom and make it a more glamorous place to retreat into.  It now has new candle holders, blinds, shower curtains, storage drawers, towels and accessories.  It is a much prettier place in which to dream among the scented bubbles.  I wanted it to feel more feminine, like a relaxing spa - a quiet place in which to glamorize and beautify and I am very happy with the results. Instead of being a purely functional space it is now more of a beauty room.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that the major purchase this week was a beautiful New Car!  My old banger kept on threatening to fall apart at every speed bump; it was unlikely to make it through another winter and it had become such a difficult car to drive.  The power steering was on its way out so it cornered like a tank, but as it was so old it wasn't really worth getting it fixed up.  So it has gone to the big scrap yard in the sky.   Even though it has taken all the fun out of driving for the last couple of years, I was still sorry to see it go.  But my new car is so pretty!  It is a rich burgundy, reminding me of a glass of fine wine.  It has a lovely beige interior and a beautiful tortoiseshell effect trim along the dash board.  It looks great and it is a joy to drive.  I am very excited to have it.

To get used to the new car I have been going off on short drives to the shopping center, as you do.  This has resulted in more shopping - of the accidental kind.  You know, when you go into a store for that one thing and you come out with a bag full of stuff? This happens to me more often than it really should and so I drove home with a boot full of beauty products, cosmetics and new books. 

I have always been a girly girl - I enjoy messing around with make-up and skin care products, just for fun, not because I'm going out.  I like to spend an afternoon trying out new make-up products, with Kylie or Britney playing and scented candles filling the room with fragrance.  Its pure girl time. It is also great practice as I like to get used to a product before I wear it on a night out. I once made the mistake of taking a new, untried eyeliner with me on holiday and using it for the first time while I was away - I had a bad reaction to the product and spent the day with blurred vision and red eyes; not a great holiday look.  So now I try everything I buy at home on a day when I'm not going anywhere special. Its a fun way to spend a little time.

I stocked up on Yankee Fresh Cut Roses products because that is my favorite scent for the lighter months of the year.  I  also bought some books that I am really looking forward to reading.  I got By Midnight and  Darkness Falls both by Mia James.  These are vampire books, set in an exclusive school in London's Highgate and they draw upon the legend of the Highgate Vampire. It makes a nice change to have a vampire series set in England rather than America.  I also got two historical novels; The Forbidden Queen by Anne O'Brien which is about Katherine de Valois; and The Queen's Promise by Lyn Andrews which is about Anne Boleyn and I plan to read this one first. Oh, and I can't wait for the new series of Once Upon A Time this Sunday night....should be a fun bank holiday.  

Whatever you are planning to do I hope you enjoy the long weekend.
BB Marie x

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