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Monday, 7 January 2013

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Castles in the Air

Where will your dreams take you tonight?
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Castles in the Air

Imagine for a moment
 Your castle in the air
Where heart-felt wishes come to pass
If make a wish, you dare

Imagine what it looks like
Your castle in the air
Picture how your life would be
If only you lived there

Now fill your dream with colour
Make the vision strong 
Envision who you could be
This is where your soul belongs

To bring it into this world
Take a little time each day
Escaping to your dream castle
For good foundations you must lay

In a future moment waiting
You might look around and stare
For one day you could be living
In your castle in the air

by Marie Bruce

Happy New Year everyone!  I have been decluttering like a demon since January 2nd and I feel so much better for it.  It's great to let go of the past and clear the path for exciting new opportunities to come my way.
It has been quite a cathartic experience too - I finally let go of a box of stuff from my broken engagement. We split up years ago, yet a box of photos, Valentine's cards and jewelry was still lurking in the shadows, no doubt filling my home with old vibes of Bad Romance.  So out it went - with a flourish! 
I also found the poem above, scribbled into a diary I kept as a teenage girl so it would seem that I have always been a dreamer and a poet.  I wanted share it with you.  Enjoy :)

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