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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

IVORY TOWER; My Study In Pictures

On cold snowy days like today I tend to hibernate in my cosy crimson study.  It is a very small room, but I have made the most of the space available to me and filled it with books, books, books...
This room is the very hub of my career as a writer.  It is where I spend most of my time. The four bookcases are filled to bursting; each shelf is carefully categorized and the books shelved accordingly - this is a remnant of my time working at Waterstones.  Although it may look a bit haphazard, I know instantly where to find a particular kind of book. My own are proudly shelved too.

I love the warm feeling of this room; the cosy leather chair and footstool; the wind chimes tinkling in the window; the candles burning, flickering light and shadow on the spines of my books.  My microphone and laptop are housed in this room; this is where I go to work each day.  

I am not a photographer and the pictures are not fantastic, but they give you a little glimpse into my world as a work from home writer.  They might even inspire you to create such a space for your own writing. 

This is what you see when you first walk in; my escritoire desk, complete with pigeon holes and secret compartments
Two of the four bookcases; they are all equally full. These are the magical books; the others two bookcases house all my classics, literary, history, poetry, writing and equestrian books.
A cosy chair and footstool to sit and read, warm and snug wrapped up in my Bruce tartan.

A closer look at my desk. Bronte memorabilia from the Bronte Parsonage Yorkshire, is on the lectern. 


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  1. Thank you for posting ! It is so nice to sneak a peak into the wonderful space you have mentioned many times before :-D. Certainly a warm and cosy place to write in every day and I can feel the atmosphere as being one where inspiration and creativity is absorbed easily. I can see Jo from 'Little Women' scribbling away by candlelight, writer's hat on and ink stained fingers !!My writing space, if you can call it that, is not nearly as romantic. A metal computer desk, wedged into a nook on the landing, right next to the bathroom door !!! Am planning some serious change arounds, and moving spaces is top of the list. Also to empty my old writing desk of all the knitting, sewing and craft things that my youngest daughter has filled it with and re-claim it for my own ! Happy writing to you x