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Friday, 13 July 2012


Have you ever created a goddess book or a style file?  This is basically a collection of pictures torn from magazines and put together to inspire your day to day style or to remind you of a look you are trying to achieve.  It is good for those down days when you feel a bit under the weather, or when you are having a Fat-day or an Ugly-day!

I have done this kind of thing for years and I enjoy creating collections of glamorous images which inspire me.  They can be images of cat walk outfits from Fashion Week, make-up tutorial photos or tear sheets of an advertisement campaign for a perfume I want to try or an item of clothing I love,  like the picture on the right which is from www.hush-uk.com  This Annie dress is one of my favorite Hush purchases. I love their smock dresses and I own quite a few.

Style files work in the same way as treasure maps and vision boards; they are a visual cue to help your dreams and aspirations come true.  With this in mind I have just spent a couple of happy girly hours this evening going through old fashion magazines, back dated Hush brochures and perfume ads.  Once I selected my chosen images I set to work arranging them in a collage on the inside of my wardrobe doors - this way no-one else can see them, but I am inspired whenever  I open the doors to get dressed each morning or to put clothes away after picking up the room in the evenings. In this way I am inspired to put my best face forward each day and to present my 'look' to the world with confidence. My wardrobe doors are now acting as my Style File with various images from celebrities in couture Chanel gowns,  to Hush models wearing items I already own,  to pretty perfume ad prints. It is an inspirational way to get ready in the morning.  It makes me smile each time I open the doors...and when I close them again, no-one knows that I am really a closeted Beauty/Fashion addict! Shh...that's a secret!

Do you have a fashion look book;  a secret style file or vision board? Do you plan to create one for yourself? I'd love to hear what inspires you to look your best each day so leave a comment below or Tweet me.

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