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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

HOME SWEET HOME; Spiritual Retreat

I can almost smell the sea and hear the gently lapping waves each time I see this picture!  

Just lately I have been having wistful dreams of going off somewhere wonderful to enjoy a spiritual retreat.  Trouble is my working break in the Highlands isn't until autumn and with the double dip of the recession a second trip right now would be financially irresponsible. That doesn't mean that I have lost the longing to escape though so I got to thinking about the essence of my wistful dream; what was I really yearning for?  After a brain-storming session I came up with a cluster of things I felt a Retreat center would give me such as peace, space from work/family stress, time out from responsibility, mental clarity, pampering and permission to just relax.  I also thought about what a Retreat center has on offer such as yoga, spa experiences, meditation, hypnosis, crystal healing therapies and so on.

I wish my bath was this deep!
This brain-storming exercise proved to be most useful as I quickly realized that I have almost everything I need to recreate a Retreat experience here in my own home. After all, I teach this stuff in my work as a writer so I have all the essentials to hand.  With stay-cations being all the rage I plan to make a Retreat of my house. I have come to the conclusion that it isn't so much an exotic location or a long, tiring journey that appeals to me, but the opportunity to just switch off, log off and tune out the world so I can tune into myself a bit more.

Browsing through my study I  soon put together a pile of spiritual books, guided meditation and hypnosis CD's, yoga and belly-dancing DVD's.  Casting a glance through my magical cabinets I rummaged out crystals, incense, oils and scented candles.  I found a bath spa lingering in the cupboard under the stairs - I knew I had one somewhere! - and I'm going to pick up mud masks, body scrubs, lotions and lots of healthy treats on a late night trip to the local shopping center.  I might not have a sea breeze but then, I won't have to put up with sand in my knickers either!

I am going to take time out by switching off the phones, computer, TV and so on.  To all intents and purposes I am not at home and I am not at work - I am on Retreat; reading, meditating, healing, relaxing, pampering and just generally recharging my super-stressed-out batteries. Cool cocktails, New Age music,  belly-dancing, mud masks and hypnosis will be the order of the day. I'm looking forward to spending the wet and dreary summer at home this year, in my home made Retreat and Spa Center...and unlike a booked holiday, my retreat can take place whenever I want, for a long as I want, and I plan to be on and off Retreat throughout the summer months! What's not to like?  Will you be joining me in turning your home into a glamorous Retreat and taking time out to pamper and ponder?


  1. This is a fantastic idea Marie ! Apart from visiting my mum for a week, we will be home for the school summer holidays and although I can't do this just for me, I can do this with my girls and have a relaxing and fun mother and daughter time. A trip to Lush for some gorgeous vegan soap and bath bombs, body lotion, face masks.....plus dvds. Thanks for a great idea !!lol!! We can look forward to having some fun time out whatever the weather. Hope you enjoy yours too :-)(and maybe I will treat myself to a day of solitude and pampering once they have gone back to school to !!)

  2. It sounds like you and your girls will have a lovely summer of beauty and pampering...you should probably stock up on ice cream too lol :)