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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Frosty Hollow

Do you ever dream of living...somewhere else...  somewhere other than the place you live right now; whether this be a new house, a change of location from town to country or vice versa, maybe even emigrating to a foreign country?  I know I do.

I have always dreamed of living in a Scottish castle - maybe its my Bruce ancestors calling out to me and reminding that I am seriously letting the Clan down with my humble abode.  And I am fully aware that the realities of castle life would either be uncomfortably cold or would require a lotto win to finance appropriate heating. Nonetheless, my lotto dream (which will never happen as I don't play lotto) would be to purchase somewhere like Slains Castle, rebuild, refurbish and live happily ever after - with sea views!  And Dougray Scott, in tights, ala Ever After :)

Unfortunately  my house is firmly landlocked and not at all like a castle to look at - I mean, it doesn't  even have a turret, for crying out loud - I don't know what the world is coming to when turrets are so difficult to come by.  As for my own personal flag pole flying the Royal Standard from the battlements...(eyes roll) I might as well forget about it!   No handsome troubadour serenades me in the great hall; no loyal champion dons shining armor for my entertainment in the tilt yard...ah, the hardships I endure.

So although I have done all I can to make my house as much of a pretty princess palace as I can manage, it still isn't my dream location - there's no sea, for a start. It made me wonder what I might be able to do to put some enchantment into my perception of my home and I came up with the idea of a Secret Name...if the location of your home is far from your ideal, name your home to make it feel more dream like.  After pondering on this for a while I came up with the name Frosty Hollow for my little house, because I am an ice maiden (in a good way! I love winter and I ice-skate) and because there is a pocket of land at the far end of the garden which holds onto the frost with an icy grip and refuses to let it go.  So, its not Slains; it's not by the sea; but its Frosty Hollow and its my home.  What name would you give your home to make it seem more dream-like? Leave a comment or tweet me on Twitter @marie_bruce  
Oh and Dougray, if you're free, the kettles always on, love ;-) x

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  1. My dream home would be akin to the Weasley families' home - The Burrow - in Harry Potter, positioned right by the sea ! In reality though, I would love to live by the sea, a passion fuelled by the fact that both my mum and sister live 5 mins from the seafront. A move is maybe on the cards next year, but until then I remain in our humble abode very far from the sea! What secret name would I give our current home? Hobbit Cottage :-)