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Saturday, 7 January 2012

BOOK NOOK: The Star Qualities by Caroline Goyder

Confession... I am quite a shy girl which is why you will never see me at MBS fairs touting my work or giving workshops - its just not me. I prefer to let my work speak for itself. However, I am open to the idea that one can boost one's confidence and that shyness does not have to be a disability so it was with great interest that I bought a copy of Caroline Goyder's The Star Qualities. 

This book was actually recommended to me in person by the actress Sophia Myles whom I met at St Mary's church, by Whitby Abbey when she was filming Dracula, along with Marc Warren who took the title role.  Sophia was very gracious and just as pretty in person as she appears on camera in films like Underworld and Tristan and Isolde.  We got chatting about her work as an actor, mine as a writer and the similarities between the two worlds. Writers are frequently expected to put in a star turn on TV and in radio and media interviews and I don't mind admitting that this is an aspect of my job which I do not like one little bit.  I am not a celebrity and I don't have a team of people behind me making sure I  don't put a foot wrong.  I find  radio and media interviews to be high pressure situations; to this day I have always refused to appear on TV, though there have been offers, but its my worst nightmare! Sophia explained that celebrities are actually trained  to be able to handle their public with grace and ease; while they might be as nervous as you or I would be, they have the training tools in place to enable them to keep cool and dignified in difficult situations, such as an intrusive interview or a paparazzi chase.

The Star Qualities is basically a text book which gives the everyday Jane Doe those very same tools which celebrities use, thereby enabling you to shine like a star in your own life.  It includes top tips from high profile celebrities such as Sophia Myles, Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ewan McGregor, so its like having a team of mentors to hand who really do know what they are talking about.  The author Caroline Goyder is an acting coach, but she has also trained politicians and broadcasters and her advice works in the real world - in her book, she passes on her knowledge and experience, giving readers the tools celebrities use to shine in areas of public speaking, interviews, parties, social events; as well as detailing how your appearance and ambitions can help boost your personal confidence.  It really is an invaluable tome to have on hand and I often dip into this book for a quick boost and pep talk.

I highly recommend that you use The Star Qualities in conjunction with Paul McKenna's Instant Confidence book and hypnosis CD, as together they will help you to reprogram your mind at a conscious and subliminal level. I read the books by day and fall asleep to the CD at night time; I have found this yields the quickest, most effective results for personal confidence.  Together these two books will help you start the new year with a boost, a tool kit and a plan of action... for whatever your personal ambitions might be, confidence in yourself is always the key.

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