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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tree-House: I wish I lived here!

I wish I lived here!! I have always had a secret desire to live in a tree-house and I do love trees, forests and woodlands. One of my favourite things to do is to go riding through the local woods, enjoying a fast gallop.

I grew up in a tiny terraced house where the view from every window was of more terraced houses, concrete pavements and tarmac roads.  I wanted to look out of my window and see trees...to notice the leaves changing in autumn and falling away to reveal the spooky skeleton tree beneath.  Now I look from my window and I see lots of trees and greenery and the wildness of it all makes me smile.

This picture totally captures my childhood dream of what a tree-house should look like.  Its so fairy-tale! I love the Gothic door and diamond windows; the Juliet style balcony; the thatched roof; the swinging bench beneath, just perfect for dreaming away or reading a book.  A tree-house is the perfect book nook.
Gazing at this picture I can almost smell the lush green forest, and hear the birds singing along with the humming of the bees. I can feel the swaying of the house in the breeze and hear the creaking of the bark. I could be quite happy here, with a stash of chocolate, home-made lemonade and a pile of books to read...go away world, I'm busy dreaming. Who knows?.. maybe one day I will have a tree-house of my own where I can write songs and poems of the forest. Until then...dreams cost nothing and give much. Where would you live in a dream world?

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