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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Late Night Yuletide Shopping

Its 10.30pm and I just got home from a spree of Yuletide shopping.  I like to go quite late in the evenings as its not so busy as at the weekends and I can relax with a nice Eggnog Latte and a Christmas Spiced Cookie in one of the coffee shops. The local shopping centre is all decorated and twinkling with lights and sparkle; mechanical creatures sing carols on the hour; and of course there is Santa's grotto... makes me wish I was six years old again!  Still at least as a grown up I get to buy pretty make-up for the party season and this year I have embraced my inner Ice Maiden with a stash of beautiful silver and sparkling white eyeshadows, nail polishes and lip glosses.  Its all very frosty and Snow Queen-ish and as I am very keen on ice skating, it will be nice make-up to wear when I am taking a turn around the rink all the year round. 

One of the things I like best about Yuletide shopping is the excitement of finding a gift which is just perfect for a loved one...when you know without a shadow of a doubt that they are going to love it!  If you have a lot of people to give to over the festive season December can be an expensive month.  Home-made gifts are a lovely gesture, especially if you can make them with a magical significance for pagan friends.  I always have a Big Bake day with my Mum each year, where we spend the day in the kitchen - not normally my favourite place to be, but she makes it fun! - baking cakes, muffins, mince pies, tarts etc.  We have Yuletide songs playing and it is always a laugh.  This has been an annual family tradition since I was a little girl; it used to be myself, Mum and Nan and I thought it was great fun to watch Mum being told off by her mother for sampling the cakes and getting her wrist slapped!  Now my Nan has passed away, its just me and Mum and I'm the one getting my wrist slapped...well, someone has to uphold the tradition of Chief Tastser :)

Wandering through the shopping centre tonight I have witnessed a variety of moods and emotions from young families brimming over with enthusiasm for everything, to cross harassed people just trying to buy something for everyone on their list and have done with it all.  I am somewhere in the middle - I enjoy shopping for friends and family, but it can be stressful getting through the crowds.  I make it more fun by choosing my diary and calendar for next year and by taking advantage of 3 for 2 deals - the freebie is always for me!  I like to save an extra stash of cash so I can treat myself after a job well done...this year I decided to indulge in a scented candle spree as I love Yankee Candles, especially the autumn and winter fragrances. This was not my best idea...already laden down with gifts, I had to lug two bags of heavy jar candles right through the shopping centre and across a massive car park...in heels.  By the time I got them all home...arms...dropping...off!

Note to self; buy candles online and get them delivered!  At least my house will smell beautifully festive throughout the winter months though, and I have some lovely  Candied Ginger bath and body products from The Body Shop that I am going to indulge in tonight. They smell absolutely gorgeous - all warm and spicy, like Yuletide in a tub!  I cannot wait to sink into the fragrant bubbles, with a new candle burning and a tub of body butter waiting on the side with my pj's and cosy bed socks.  After a day of shopping, a girl needs to pamper herself :)

Happy shopping guys!

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