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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


I am a Pink Lady.  Pink has always been my favourite colour and I never get tired of it.  I would die for this type writer! I would sacrifice Spell-Check for it! It's the perfect shade of soft rose pink and it's just so girly. My covet-gene is going at full throttle... I love it, I want it, I neeeeed it!  

I imagine that I would write romance novels on it; the soppy kind read by bored housewives who have become tired of their husbands and fed up of their kids.  Barbara Cartland probably had a typewriter just like this one...and she never wrote a book that didn't sell, so she was doing something right.

Or maybe I would write tender-hearted poetry; or love letters to a foreign spy who stole my heart on a moonlit night in France in the 1940s...oh, who knows where such a typewriter could take me???
It really is pink perfection.

Pink is such a lovely colour; all the best things are pink - sunsets, roses, candy floss, Barbie, cupcakes, unicorn manes...
Pink is the colour of imagination and dreams; it is the shade of tenderness and self-love; of femininity and beauty; of the best of health...
Pink is the colour of my life.

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