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Monday, 12 September 2016

POET'S CORNER; The Red Rose Knight

The Red Rose Knight

Who comes to call when I am low?
Who gladdens my heart when filled with woe?
Who stirs the romance of my mind?
The Red Rose Knight, my spirit guide.

Who is clad in armour black?
Who brings the love I feel I lack?
Who champions me against all foes?
He bears the shield of the red, red rose.

Who kisses me in slumber deep,
As safe my hopes and dreams he keeps?
Who guards my castle in the air?
My Red Rose Knight waits for me there.

Who rides upon a coal black steed?
Who gives me all the strength I need?
Who brings sweet dreams to my repose?
My spirit-knight of the red, red rose.

Whose fingers gently brush my cheek?
Who lends support when I am weak?
Who gallops with me, far away?
My Red Rose Knight, 'till dreams meet day.

By Marie Bruce

I wrote this poem back in 2007 after a dream I'd had the night before and it is included in my book Angel Craft and Healing. It isn't written about anyone in particular; it's more about the dream of love and the lasting romance of being with a man one can rely on and trust completely - which can often feel like an unattainable dream in itself!

I have often wondered, since I wrote the poem, why I didn't make him a white rose knight, for Yorkshire.  I can only think that it is because the red rose is a symbol of true love and that is what I wanted the knight in the poem to represent. Maybe one day I will write about the White Rose Knight too and give him a companion.

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