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Saturday, 21 May 2016

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Enchanted Moments

I have been teaching witchcraft for over twenty years, first in my home study courses, then via my books and magazine columns, yet sometimes, I forget to honour the magic in my day to day life. Sometimes I need a little jolt, a little something to remind me that magic is all around me, all the time.  I can choose to pay attention and tap into it, or I can choose to let it pass me by.

Earlier this week I was coming home from a doctors appointment when a black cat walked across the road in front of me.  I saw it in plenty of time and smiled because it looked so much like a younger version of my own cat Pyewackett.  While some people dislike black cats and consider them to be a bad omen, I have always thought of them as lucky which is why I made a mental note of it. This good fortune played out later that same day, when a car narrowly missed me as it came too fast around a blind bend.  No-one was hurt. I had been lucky...thanks to the blessing of a little black cat crossing my path earlier that morning. 

It made me think about the everyday magical moments that we sometimes ignore and become blind to.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in stress and to-do lists that we fail to notice a stroke of luck, a guiding light, a chance at love...and the more we ignore those moments of enchantment the more we cut ourselves off from the magical realms, and good fortune, lucky breaks, red letter days, true love and so on, simply pass on by.  

It's like when you call a friend but she is always too busy to talk - eventually you get fed up and just stop calling.  It's the same with magic.  You have to notice it and acknowledge it when it shows up in your life.  These universal gifts of enchantment don't come with bells and whistles attached - they might look like ordinary random events - but if you see the enchantment within the moment, life becomes more magical.  And in the world of magic, like attracts like, so you draw more magical moments towards you, just by being willing to believe in something as ordinary as a lucky black cat.

Magic will also tailor itself to your personality; by this I mean that your magical cue will be different to mine.   I spark when I like someone - literally! - there is a blue spark of static electricity when I make psychical contact with someone I like.  This is one of my cues that magic is afoot, that this is no ordinary friendship, but one that is destined to teach me something.  

The spark can be a bit of a shock to new acquaintances, but it is also surprising how quickly they get used to it and how readily they accept it as part of my personality.  They accept that I bring a touch of magic with me.   I accept that they have been sent into my life for a reason.  They might be lifelong friends, or just passing through for a short time, but if I spark with someone, I know that it is an important relationship; though not always a positive one. 

My spark can also be lost, due to illness, bereavement etc; again this is a magical cue - that I need to take better care of myself and conserve my magical energy, keeping it contained within me.  That means no casting until I'm better and back on my feet.  If the spark shows up in an inappropriate setting, say when I shake hands with a married man, then I take it as a warning and beat a hasty retreat - I don't need to waste my time falling for someone who is not single. I listen to the message of the magical moment and act on it.

Belief is probably the most important aspect of magical living.  If you don't believe that there is magic in the ordinary and the mundane, then you will never see it for yourself.  If you are afraid when someone sparks to be near you, then you might choose an ordinary relationship instead of an enchanted one.  Taking a leap of faith is never easy - but then nothing worth doing ever is.

I plan to start looking for more magical enchanted moments in my day to day life...I'm going to welcome Opportunity and invite Serendipity to join us...I'm going to try saying "Yes!" to the Spirit of Adventure that resides within me and which I've put on hold for long enough...because life can be a Fairytale...you just have to believe in the power of magic.

Let's all choose to live happily ever after shall we? 


  1. Gosh, this certainly feels serendipitous!

    I performed my first spell this evening (on account of the seasonal blue moon) in just over six years! Magick used to be a profound part of my life until March 2010 when I was hit with personal tragedy and illnesses galore! Add severe clinical depression to the mix and, well, you have quite the cocktail!

    Performing my first spell in so long felt like a return to my old self or being welcomed back by an old friend. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now.

    SO, to see this post so soon after is really a happy coincidence, if not a stroke of magic and a sign in itself, because I have a number of your books and consider the one focusing on candle-burning rituals to be something of a staple. It was the one I used this evening!

    You know, I actually feel motivated again for the first time in ages - I’m definitely going to take that as a sign.

    Have a great weekend! I know I will! :-)

    1. That's fantastic! Great to hear that my post is a sign in itself...thanks for letting me know, you really made me smile. Happy Candle Burning ;-)
      BB Marie x