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Friday, 25 March 2016

POET'S CORNER; The Music Box

The Music Box
(sung to Brahms Lullaby)

Once upon a time
In a land far away
There a girl
Wronged in love
Chose to put her heart away
She made a music box
With a sweet melody
And there in every note
She poured all her grief

As she wept and as she cried
The magic music box played
The charm was made
The spell was cast
As her pain began to fade
So she took her bleeding heart
And she laid it within
Then closing down the lid
She let the magic begin

Her heart is gone
Her love long lost
She’s now colder than ice
Her wounds still bleed
Within the tune
As she turns the key round thrice
But soft, the heart still beats
Longing to heal
And yes, the heart still bleeds
For to hurt is to feel

"Let me out
Set me free
Please don’t give me up so lightly
It’s not the way; I cry within
Won’t you let me love once more?
I beat only for you
These wounds will not heal
If you keep me locked away
 Because one love was cruel..."

The years have passed
The maid is gone
The magic music box plays
Its melody
Each time will be
A lament to lonely days
So heed its gentle tune
If you hear it one day
A heart still beating true
Hopes to find love someday.

By Marie Bruce

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