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Friday, 26 December 2014

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Boxing Day Snow!

"Shrouded in snow's silent bliss, I've fallen down to the frozen earth"
Lyrics from Song of the Snow Queen on Moonchants album.

It is early evening on Boxing Day and the first snow of the winter is falling here in Yorkshire. The landscape is now appropriately festive in her gown of icy aqua white. 
The Snow Queen is flying in circles around my house, fluttering her magic to the ground as she goes. As the pretty flakes fall they are illuminated by twinkling outdoor fairy-lights, creating a stunning spectacle of shimmering, glimmering colour and light. It is a collaboration between mankind and mother nature. 

The snow has turned each tree and shrub into a Christmas tree, giving each one a festive makeover. My garden has become a beautiful winter forest scene, silver white and full of enchantment.  It is a place where Herne the Hunter could be hiding, his antlers sparkling with winter magic; where frost fairies dance in swirling glee upon snow-flakes; where a portal to the silver world of winter lingers for a brief moment in time, to be lost later with the thaw.   It is a place to cast ice spells, where the winter witch comes into her own element.  It is cold, yet still I walk a few sharp steps, barefoot in the snow, to greet the winter and welcome the Snow Queen to my home.  This beautiful snowy night is an extra special Yuletide gift from the winter goddess. I plan to give thanks and enjoy it.  Blessed Be. 


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