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Friday, 28 November 2014

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Once Upon A Dream...

"Touch the spindle...touch it I say!"

Once Upon A Dream is my favourite Disney song, largely because it is featured in the Disney version of my favourite fairytale Sleeping Beauty.   I have a personal tradition of watching Sleeping Beauty every year on my birthday and I've been singing the song for years and years. It has a very special meaning to me.  It has been the inspiration behind a poem I wrote of the same title, published in one of my books and it is also the tag title of many of my blog posts, where I write about all things magical and enchanting.

If you have ever tried to sing along to the original you will know that it is ludicrously high.  This new version of the song by Lana Del Rey takes it down a notch, but it is just as beautiful - and much easier to sing.  It is from the film Maleficent which I got for my birthday last week...the dark tale of how innocence and trust betrayed can freeze a heart and make it cold.  I love this fresh take on a classic Disney villain. Angelina Joli is insanely beautiful - even with horns! So now I have two versions of the fairytale to watch on my birthday each year.

The song itself reminds me of old loves and fresh hope, so I wanted to share it here on my blog.  It is something bewitching to listen to on a dark, damp November afternoon and it could even thaw a frozen heart...you never know.  Enjoy. 

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