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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

POET'S CORNER; A Storm in Summer

A Storm in Summer

When nights are their shortest and days are their longest
When the rays of the sun burn at their strongest
When we listen with glee to the bumble bee's hum
And in a riot of colour the butterflies come
Then does the sky lower its brows
Then does the rain darken the clouds
A gathering breeze chases sunlight away
And we know as we watch that a storm's on the way...

When birds flutter off and take to the trees
Singing their protest from the shelter of leaves
As the raindrops start falling, pitter-pat, pitter-pat
And the thunder starts calling, scaring the cat
Then does the lightening rip through the sky
Drawing our gaze up ever so high
And some little children tremble in fear
Hiding away, for the storm is now here!

As raindrops on roses sparkle and glisten
As rumbles of thunder lessen and lessen
As the sky-snake of lightening slithers away
And shy beams of sunlight come out to play
We watch as the rain falls lighter and lighter
And the sun creeps out, brighter and brighter
And the twitter of birds seems now to say
That the Sun God has won for the Storm's passed away.

By Marie Bruce

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